Digital printing

The newest fabric printing technology applied by use of equipment of the company Reggiani.

We offer high-quality digital printing on cottonlinen and knitted fabrics:

  • no repeat limits
  • printing of any images in unlimited number of colours, including photographs and painting reproductions
  • no need to manufacture stencils/patterns, which greatly reduces the cost of manufacture of the batch and samples
  • provides a high colour fastness after washing

Minimal order, starting from 300m. for design

Rotary printing

Rotary printing allows to print on fabrics all kinds of patterns with recurring motifs.

Working on the principle of silkscreen printing, our printing machines MHM and STORK can produce any image in up to 10 colours. The main advantages of our rotary printing equipment are:

  • high performance
  • opportunity to use both active and pigment dyestuff
  • printing of patterns at intervals of 64 and 91 cm.
  • excellent cost of finished goods

In addition to the active dyes and pigment dyes, we offer printing in gold, silver, mother of pearl, paste, relief chemicals and FAT chemicals that allow to create a personalized and special collection for each client. We offer more than 6,000 printing designs from our collections, and we will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Minimal order, starting from 300m. for design


We carry out dyeing in two ways:

  • on continuous lines
  • by batch-type method

For dyeing, we use vat dyes and active dyes delivered to us from the best suppliers of chemicals.
As of today, we have developed a collection of 2,000+ colours available for various types of fabrics.

Minimal order, starting from 300m. for color


During the bleaching process, the crude fabric gains a smooth, lint-free surface and becomes white and capable of wicking, by removing natural colorants.

Bleached fabrics can be retained white and passed through a particular finishing, or it can undergo further processing:

  • dyeing
  • printing

Minimal order, starting from 1000m. 

Finishing and various effects

Finishing is the last step in the process of fabric finishing, and it is determined by the requirements of the client:

  • regarding the feel of the fabric – from silky soft to hard fabrics
  • regarding the appearance of the fabric – opportunity to add whiteness, gloss, smoothness, relief, and stone wash effect
  • regarding the appearance of the fabric during exploitation – decrease of pilling of the fabric, as well as the “easy care” treatment that helps to reduce rumpleness and facilitates ironing

Finishings and coatings that give new properties to fabrics, such as:

  • dirt-oil-water repellent treatment
  • fire-resistant treatment
  • shrink-resistant treatment

In addition, we produce teflon coated fabricsacrylic coated fabrics and fabrics with other coatings.


Our company has its own clothing manufacturing facilities that provide employment to the best experts in making-up of products of any complexity.

The range of the finished products includes:

  • bed linen – with buttons, ties, zippers, flaps, ruffles
  • pelmets, Roman blinds, panels and curtains – with rings, bands, ties
  • home textiles – tablecloths, runners, placemats, aprons, pot holders, oven mitts, bags
  • bath products – bathrobes, towels, hats, gloves
  • clothes – dresses, skirts, tunics, trousers, shirts, nightgowns and pyjamas

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