Sateen 3177/3 Pionies small

Sateen 3177/3 Pionies small HOME DECOR FABRICS
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Product Code: 014168
Availability: Out of Stock
Article: S102
Composition: 100% cotton
Fabric type: Sateen
Width: 153 cm
Weight: 180 +/-5 gsm
Treatment: Digital print
Finishing: Super soft
Design: Pionies small

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In order to provide you most comfortable ordering we offer to use our Swatch Service.

You can add fabric samples to your basket or you can buy a book of samples to have an opportunity receive further information about the quality and texture of various samples. The book of samples consists of the fabrics offered to purchase with the indication of their article, weight, width, finishing, treatment and construction.

Cost:  Samples are currently available at 1 EUR per sample, and at 10 EUR per book of samples. The price for samples and samples book does not include a shipping and tax fee. Samples and sample book are non-refundable.
This cost does not directly reflect the value of the fabric, but partially covers the cost of providing the service, without costs of delivery.

Terms: After ordering sample or sample book you’ll receive the order confirmation and after check you will get the INVOICE. Your order will be reserved within five days until proof of your payment. The order normally is sent within 48 hours of confirmation of your order. 

Size: Our samples are on average 10 cm wide and about 10 cm long, depending on the fabric type, pattern etc. Sample will help you to see the color and nature of the fabric, before placing the order. The book of samples include sample set of the same size (15-20 cm wide and about 15-20 cm long). 

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Sateen is a 100% cotton fabric produced from high-quality long-staple cotton.

Thanks to a special (sateen) weaving, the fabric has a smooth and glossy surface that makes it look similar to silk. Sateen is used for making-up various summer and home clothes, but due to its practical qualities the main field of application of this fabric is production of bed linen, curtains and tablecloths, which are a part of our exclusive range that is very popular among our customers. Different types of sateen are produced: bleached, dyed and printed.

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Sateen 3177/3 Pionies small
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